Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New CA-MIEV and GR-HEV - Mitsubishi

 To celebrate Automotive Geneva Motor Show 2013, Mitsubishi want to tempt the public with their new teaser of their concept cars. Their first teaser show the front of the car and the second one is showed the back of the car.

Mitsubishi named their two model, CA-MIEV and GR-HEV. CA-MIEV will use electric, meanwhile the GR-HEV type is Sport Utility Truck (SUT) and adopted the hybrid technology. Mitsubishi said that CA-MIEV will use battery that can hold more energy and high efficiency. The interesting part is, the recharges system is using wireless.

This model also been said that will using new motor and regenerative braking system. This car can run to 300 Km will full charge battery. Meanwhile the GR-HEV will adopt the hybrid engine, they said that it will reducing the polution. This car also will using Super Select Mitsubishi Pajero 4WD and Super All Wheel Control System.