Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ferrari Under New Management?

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Italian Supercar, Ferrari Luca was rumored will resign from his position as number one person in Ferrari.

Many people want to get to replace him. The strong candidate and has been discussed lately is lapo Elkann. Lapo Elkann was an ex Marketing Boss in Fiat and a consultant in one of Ferrari program.

Elkann is sibling of Fiat Chairman, John Elkann. Lapo Elkann was born in New York, 1977. Lapo Elkann will get hard task from Ferrari, because when Ferrari in Montezemolo, Luca can made profit Ferrari increase. In 2012, Luca succeed sold 7,318 supercar units.

The result was the best in Ferrari Sale History. And for this year from January to May, Ferrari has sold 1,800 units or increasing 4 percent than last year in the same period.